The Poppy Trust Fund

The Poppy Trust Fund receives donations, not only during the annual Poppy Campaign leading up to Remembrance Day, but also at any time during the year. The moneys in this fund are used in support of a variety of veterans' needs, for seniors programs in the community, and for supporting youth programs. Branch #37 serves an area that encompasses most of the Saanich Peninsula.

COVID-19 restrictions affected the ways in which the 2020 Poppy Campaign was conducted, but the needs of the beneficiaries of Poppy Funds have not diminished. On their behalf, we thank you for your amazing generosity. Donations have exceeded $158,000 - a record. Thank you to everyone who donated. Thank you, too, to all the Volunteers who helped to make this Campaign so successful.

Our goal for this year is to help as many Veterans and their Families, our Youth, our Seniors, and our Community as much as is possible.

Disbursements from the Poppy Fund as a result of the 2020 Poppy Campaign include, so far:

Broadmead Lodge: $20,000 (including current residences of 105 veterans)
Legion Manor: $15,000
Mt.Newton Centre: $15,000
Admiral Budge Sea Cadets: $2,000
Admiral Martin Navy League Cadets: $2,000
Kitty Hawk Air Cadets: $2,000
and assistance to Individual Veterans.
Further disbursements will be made as the year progresses.

Our Branch Bursary Program awarded $14,500 from the Poppy Fund to help young people further their education. Our Remembrance Poster and Literary Program provided certificates and awards amounting to $500 to students, also from the Poppy Fund.